All you have to fear is the fear itself

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All you have to fear is the fear itself

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Guys, we all are afraid of one thing or the other. We always have something which we can’t face courageously. Some have hydrophobia(fear of water), some have anthropophobia(fear of being social), etc.

Our fear are our weaknesses. We all know it is very difficult for us to face our fears. Sometimes our fears get in our way to success. We need to overcome such fears so that we can attain something in our life.

Let me tell you a story.

We all must have read stories in school. We all had those English literature books which had different different stories or anecdotes. I am gonna tell you one such story from our English textbook.

There is a writer named William O. Douglas who shared his life experience.

He tells that he was extremely afraid of water as he had very bad experiences of drowning(by bad he meant a really very bad one, that once he was on the brink of death).

He used to get chills when he went near water. But one fine day, he decided to face his fears!.

He went to a coach, started learning swimming, using different techniques, and little by little he started overcoming his fear. It took him almost double the time one needs to learn swimming but at the end it was all worth it.

Guys, as we can see, that only by confronting our fears, our prejudices against ourselves, we can get over these.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said


This is very important friends. We need to understand the depth of this quote. It is not actually that we are afraid of water(for instance), but we have a preconception in our mind based on your past experience or experiences of others.

In this case we have thought in our mind that ‘I am afraid of water’.

Now whenever you go near any waterbody, you remind yourself that you are afraid of water. Gradually, it settles in your subconscious mind. Your fear overpowers you and you never ever try swimming.

Here I am taking example of hydrophobia but it can be the fear of anything(as fear is a subjective thing).

I just wanna remind you that it is not actually that you have some allergy from water or anything, it is just that you have fed it in your mind even without experiencing it in real life.

Now even if you gather some courage and try swimming, your mind will again and again remind you that you are afraid of water and you will give in to your fear.

This happens with us oftenly.

Actually all we have to do is to change our perception.

Remind your brain again and again that

"I am not afraid of water."
"I am not afraid of anything."

You just have to face that in your mind.

It is your own thoughts that you have to change.

And once you convince yourself that you are afraid of it, believe me you can ace each and everything.

Most of us have heard the name ROBERT PATTINSON(the twilight actor). During an interview he said

I used to get so paralyzed with anxiety before auditions. I just couldn't do anything. I tried different methods to calm myself before performances but to no avail. THE ONLY THING THAT EVER WORKED IS JUST TO USE ANXIETY AS A CHARGE. I build everything from anxiety and fear.

BEAR GRYLLS, the man we use to watch on Discovery channel, ‘Man vs Wild’. He said

If you really want to live empowered, you've got to face all those fears. This now is about trying to control that sense of natural panic that always come. If you are not used to it, it can overwhelm people so if we breathe it down, we keep calm, focus on what we are doing."

There are numerous such examples. These are all people who have faced their fears and became successful.

The biggest fight is the fight with our mind itself. Once we win that fight, everything else is easy.

Guys, so don’t be afraid, tell your mind that you are invincible, and then you can easily overcome you fear and weakness.


Don't let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

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