Watch the donut, not the hole!

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Watch the donut, not the hole!

We all must have heard this proverb at some point in our lives. If not, I guess you were not paying attention during the English lecture at school 😁.

I am not sure about you, but yeah we were made to learn these proverbs(which tbh I used to hate learning). But now as I see, these proverbs have a lot to say, and we have a lot to understand.

In this article, I am gonna talk about one such proverb:

Watch the donut, not the hole.


In very simple words, it means that we need to focus on what all things we have in our lives, not the ones that we don’t have.

A donut is actually complete in itself, but if it starts to focus on the emptiness or the hole in it, it’s obvious that it’ll feel sad. We humans are the same.

We all are unique. We all have flaws and nobody is perfect in this world. But if we continue to focus on the flaws and feel sad and distressed about it, we might end up not liking or even dispising ourselves.

And the above mentioned saying reminds us to watch the donut, i.e., to focus on our strengths, and to embrace our shortcomings.

What I learnt from this

I believe we all are striving to get to know ourselves, to love ourselves the way we are, the way God has made us. We all have different struggles in life.

But despite all these things, have you ever imagined what keeps us going?

You might think it is our efforts, hardwork, dedication etc. It could be on a narrow level but let’s have a look at the broader picture.

A few days ago I was feeling low and my father shared a video with me. I would like to share its teachings with you all because it really had a great impact on me.

It explained:

We are a part of this vast universe. Practically, we are a very insignificant part of it. There might be many things going on not only on our Earth and elsewhere as well but we don’t even have the slightest idea about it.

How things fell in place for us to even survive, how each and everything evolved and how we are now living? We don’t have any answers!

Here, I just wanna say that we should be grateful that we are living, able to breathe and even able to think.

There are numerous things that we are unaware of but it has never even come to our mind.

What we mostly focus on is what other people have and not on what we have. The way we define ourselves might not be the actual us.

My advice

I know this is easy to say but difficult to implement. What I advise is to begin slowly and steadily.

Let us try to know ourselves. It’s not a matter of hours or days. It might take months or even years to undertand ourselves.

Also, keep in mind that it is important to befriend yourself to have a peaceful mind. Many a times it is not success but the peace of mind that can bring you happiness and it comes only if you are friends with your own self.

Final word

I would like to conclude this article by sharing a quote that I wrote recently:

You can't change the way you look, BUT you can change the way you look at yourself!

I hope you get my point. In this article, I just wrote what came to my mind, so consider sharing your thoughts about it in the comments :)

Thanks for reading till the end. I post regularly on diverse topics such as life lessons, motivation, economics etc. And I must add here that a set of amazing articles are about to come in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

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Happy reading!



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Nitish Gupta
December 17, 2021

I am happy to see your posts with such a great writings, I am proud of you & wish you success. Keep motivating with your life lessons. God bless you dear


Thanks a lot sir! Blessed to have you as a mentor, teacher and a big brother 🤗

Ashwani khunger
December 17, 2021

True expression & realistic approach of this human world. In the race of this materialistic world we don’t have time to look at ourselves .


Amazing…….. 😍 I read it this morning and it makes my morning very energetic. I am lucky that I’ve such a great friend. 👍👍


Thank you! I am also happy to have friends like you🤗😊

December 16, 2021

Samdisha😊! Firstly, my heartiest appreciation for your distinct passion for blogging🤗. Most people have awesome thoughts but they fail to articulate it in words. You’re blessed to express! 😇 Waiting to meet you in-person. 🙃 Waiting to read about me😜 in your blog after 3 years of our college life @DU if it reopens by chance🤣


Thank you! Surely will love to meet you and make new friends 🤗😊 And ya who knows what will happen in three years, but today am just happy and grateful to meet amazing people like you!

Rahul Gilhotra
December 16, 2021

Hey samdisha, this one is awesome and helful, keep writing, rise and shine


Harsh khola
December 16, 2021

It is so beautiful Samdisha.We often tend to overlook or underestimate the things that we’ve .That we’re breathing is in itself a thing to be grateful for.Thank you for writing and sharing this. I’m glad that you’re my classmate.


Very true! I am also glad to meet such amazing people 🤗

Hey Samdisha, its amazing…and i am gald that such content creator and philosopher like you are the part of our batch🙌…and we hope for your best in future…🎖️


Thank you! Your words really motivate me to strive for better 🤗

Bro ❤️…. It is wonderful and ya much needed as we humans always compare our life with others and forget to look upon ourselves and things that we have ..💕…keep it up ❤️…


I’m glad that my class has a unique blogger who is just budding and is own her way to bloom in coming days!! (I’m first in comment section) 😁


Charvi Dosi
December 16, 2021

Samdisha, the way you used a colloquial proverb to explain an issue as substantial as this! Hats off!! Keep writing dear🙌 Looking forward for more such amazing articles💐


Thank you dear! Your comments motivate me to work harder and provide good content🤗

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