Ek main hi toh hu apne sath

"Ek main hi toh hu apne sath" by Samdisha Khunger

Happy Endings, Are they really?

There is no right or wrong. There are only opinions!


This essay describes my vision for India, how I would like my country to be when it completes 100 years of independence.

Everyone says that you are the main character of your life story, But no one lets me be...

Individualism: Self-love or Selfish love?

This article explains the meaning of individualism and elucidates whether it is self-love or selfish love.

Nobody knows the real me, not even me.

Status of drainage and cleanliness in urban slums: Case study

A research writing explaining the status of cleanliness and drainage based on a case study of the slum area of Muradpur, Tarn Taran.

My shadow cries cause I can't.