The real cause behind our lack of motivation

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The real cause behind our lack of motivation

Hi Guys! Welcome to my blog. A brief intro about me - I am Samdisha, currently a student of 12th standard.

Guys today I’m gonna address an issue with which most of us are grappling.

It is a common problem with most of us, i.e., lack of motivation, lack of zeal and enthusiasm to work consistently towards our goal.

Let’s get to the root of the problem and find out the real cause behind our lack of motivation and guys I will be giving you a bonus tip at the end, which will help uou solve this problem.

Let us understand this with an example. For instance, you decided that you are going to exercise daily for an hour. What happens is, we start off very well. We are excited and motivated to exercise in the beginning.

But after a few days, we find ourselves searching on youtube/google, how to stay motivated/motivational videos/inspirational videos. We spent a lot of time on it.

And then we get excited again but that excitement lasts hardly for 2-3 days and this cycle goes on. Sometimes, we get so frustrated by ourselves that we leave that idea of exercising. As a result, we are never able to maintain a consistency.

To think of it, I guess you guys have searched this blog for the same reason only “How to stay motivated?”

So guys what is the reason behind all this cycle that goes on and on. Let us find out.

Friends according to my observation and analysis, what happens is, if we are doing something consistently, we might get bored at a point. This happens because we get disinterested in that activity as we have to repeat it everyday.

For instance if you are told to consume rice only, three times a day, sevem days a week, there will be a point where you will get bored even if it is your favourite dish. Similarly, exercising everyday, starts with excitement but becomes a burden when we proceed with it each and everyday.

Now, guys most of us will think that we use mobile phones each and everyday and even for hours, but we are not bored of it. This is where you need to understand the “ESCAPE THEORY”, which we imply, which is also the answer to your query.

Guys, what happens is if you decide to study 6 hours a day, after few days you have no enthusiasm to study because you are bored with same pattern everyday. Then you pick up your mobile phone, not because you are interested in it or you enjoy it, but because you want to escape from that pattern of yours.

You want to avoid that burden which the study has created. Once you start using your phone, watching youtube videos or scrolling through social media, you get into a world which is much different from your reality(which you find boring).

Obviously guys we all know that maximum things on the social media are a facade.

Now, once you are on your phone, time passes and you don’t realise it as your mind is not in reality.

In reality, you have to study, there is pressure on you to complete your tasks but when on phone, you don’t have to think of any such things and time passes and you don’t even realise it.

Initially you do it because you start considering your tasks as a burden. Later, after a few days, when you have a lot of backlog, you start to have fear of studying as there are a lot of things that you are yet to complete. Now, you use phone out of that fear.

Guys, you can even see practically. Whenever you are using mobile phone, 90% of the time, you are not enjoying it or loving it, but you are doing it to avoid the stress and burden that your work has created. Actually it isn’t the work, but we ourselves have created the stress and burden by procrastinating things.

This is all about the “Escape Theory” which I mentioned earlier.

Guys, I hope you have understood the gist of the problem. This was the main motive of the article to make you understand, why you lack motivation and the escape theory, which we consciously or unconsciously imply in our lives.

Now guys, some bonus tip for you to help yourselves fight this problem. By the way guys I will be writing another article on “How to stay motivated?

  1. Guys, we must do certain efforts to engross ourselves in our work. For instance, while studying we can assign ourselves certain tasks for the day. Instead of focusing on the entire thing, we must divide it into parts so that we can focus on one part at a time.

    We can make a to-do list which we have to complete within a day/a week. Now, when we have a challenge ahead of ourselves, we will be bound to complete it. We must have a strong will power and complete our tasks.

  2. Be careful guys, you must start with short tasks according to you which you will be able to complete easily. NEVER EVER start off with impossible tasks. This will only prompt you to give up and be lazy.

  3. When you complete your tasks, reward yourselves and appreciate your effort. Even if you are not able to complete it, never lament on it and leave it. Instead cheer yourself up to do better next day.

    Guys, do have faith in yourself. You are able to ace anything and everything with your ability. The only thing is to believe yourself and go for it.

Have your goal in mind, 
Remember your dream, 
Ace your tasks everyday
Be ready to have it all. All you have to do is, GIVE IT YOUR ALL and HAVE IT ALL. Thanks guys for your precious time.

Do share your ideas on this topic in comments. I will appreciate all your comments.

Thank you for reading this far!



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