Everyone has a DISGUISE, that he/she portrays in front of the world.

The other side of story you didn't hear, makes the most of me.

Watch the donut, not the hole!

In this article, I explain how we should perceive life and the various challenges it brings to us.

You can't change the way you look, BUT you can change the way you look at yourself!

We might not be as unfortunate as we think. It all depends on how we perceive situations and things!

Zero Opportunity Cost - Is it possible?

This article explains the concept of zero opportunity cost in economics along with an explanation of free and economic goods with real life examples.

Getting on your own nerves, to crying your heart out, to consoling yourself, to again disappointing yourself!

Delve in your mind and you'll know.

What-How-Why of Economics

This article explains the basics of economics: what is economics, its history, how should we approach it and its importance.