Delve in your mind and you'll know.

What-How-Why of Economics

This article explains the basics of economics: what is economics, its history, how should we approach it and its importance.

Fear precedes freedom.

Instantly regretted a lot of things after doing them, but still continues to do them. Can I ever get beyond this vicious circle of my mind...

You are just you, no need to prove anything!

How messy at times life can be, just like these dry branches of the tree, but always surrounded by cheerful birds. We only need an eye to look at them...

Many things in life we do to get that momentary happiness and life long guilt!

How To Overcome Your Fears?

In this article, Samdisha Khunger explains how we can overcome our fears in any aspect of our life.

All you have to fear is the fear itself

In this article, Samdisha Khunger explains how brain preceives fear and makes preconceptions regarding it and how fear is just a product of our...